I live in the Oregon Cascades, a mountain range that includes the purdy Mt. Hood... a volcano that reaches up some 11,000 feet, which makes for great skiing.  Camping in the local forest is great in the summers as I like to spend as much time as I can to enjoy it.


Portland is the biggest city I'm even close to.  A beautiful city of just the right size to have a little of everything.  The Willamette River runs right dab thru the center of it, and the mighty Columbia River over the top.  Known for its microbrews and pubs, hard to beat it...anywhere.

I actually live near the small logging town of Molalla.   The town's name comes from a peaceful local Indian Tribe that inhabited the area before pioneering settlers moved in and took over everything in the mid 1800's.  Today, the town is known for the Buckaroo Rodeo, held every year on the 4th of July weekend, and for being a speed trap courtesy Molalla's best.

I love to ride motorcycles.  Been riding since 1983, most of which was on a Honda Magna V65.  Today, I ride a 2017 BMW R1200RT and a 1998 Honda Valkyre.  You can often find me out riding with the Border Riders Motorcycle Club.

I am also involved in my community.  I have been a commissioner on the Molalla Art Commission, VP of the 2013 Centennial Committee, and VP on the Molalla Area Historical Society. I've contributed photos and articles to the local Molalla Pioneer paper, as well as material for all the activities I'm involved.

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