Providing a welcoming and safe environment for the LGBTQ community in the Country Western spirit of social dance

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Lesson and Instruction

Daniel Hutchison of OutDancing and Ankeny Street Studio is our usual host, DJ and instructor for a stomping good evening of LGBTQ-friendly country western dance and socializing. If you’re new to C/W dance, or just like to warm up, join the lessons. No partner? No worry--we’ll find you one! Lessons run from 7-8 PM. We cover 2-step and line dances for both beginner and intermediate. Open dance runs from 8 to 11pm and features a mix of line and partner dances (primarily classic 2-step, waltz, shuffle...but with a bit more mixed in!). Make a point of dancing with some one you’ve don’t yet know--you never know what might happen! Want even more dance instruction? Talk to Daniel about OutDancing!

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