Providing a welcoming and safe environment for the LGBTQ community in the Country Western spirit of social dance

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About Us!

Stomptown’s mission is to promote country western dance in the LGBTQ and allied community through instruction, performance and public dance events.


Formed by an ad-hoc committee of dedicated volunteers, Portland, Oregon, May 2013


The LGBTQ community has enjoyed country/western dancing in Portland for many years. Our venues have seen many changes, as well as our DJ's throughout these times. Now, once again, we are proud to organize ourselves to provide the necessary management and administration to offer these special events to you. We are a committee of passionate people who can round up the best venue to meet our dance and social needs, and keep the cost to you at the minimum amount. We are, indeed, real people. And, if you want to know more about the committee, please check out our page on Meetup. Still, its not about us. Its about YOU. It is you and your continued participate in this event that allows it to continue and thrive. For without the passion and vigor of the LGBTQ C&W community, our cowboy dancing days would surely be numbered. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think about getting out of the house, coming into town, and meeting up with your friends, old and new, and do a little jig on the dance floor. Hope you see y'all soon!

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